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By: Cindy Maka, Managing Broker & Owner of Pure Properties

1. Make sure your home’s curb appeal is excellent! Take a look at your home from across the street. Is it impressive? Tips: Mow the lawn, rake leaves, add flowers for color, and clean up your entrance. This is what Buyers see 1st, and if it is not presentable, they will skip your home and move on to another. Adding exterior accents for decor helps, too!

2. Clean your windows! For showings, you will want to open blinds or drapes to show the natural light entering your home. Adding light will help make a room look larger and brighter. Put lamps and chandeliers on after dusk. Purchase modern draperies, if needed.

3. Repair any items that need to be fixed. They will show up in a home inspection! Better to tackle this sooner than later. A good inspection report shows that you take care of your home.

4. Get rid of any and all clutter! Clean out and organize your closets. This is also a good time to figure what you want to keep, throw away, or donate! It will make moving easier.

5. Paint any rooms that need a fresh look. A new color can totally change the look of your home! Keep the color neutral, such as a light beige or gray, to match with other rooms.

6. Update light fixtures, faucets, and maybe even cabinet handles, to make your home look contemporary. These updates are inexpensive and can change the look of a room.

7. Add pops of color to neutral rooms, such as: decorative pillows, vases, candles, paintings, bath towels, and plants. Buy what you really like, so you can take it to your new home! Stylish, new bedding and fancy pillows will makes a bedroom look more inviting.

8. De-personalize your space. Remove family photos, clean out the mud room, and clear the fridge of magnets and schedules. Buyers want to see your space, not your daily life!

9. Deep Clean your home before you list! Don’t forget vents, baseboards, trim, and small spaces. Make sure there are no strong odors. Use a Plug-In or potpourri to add a fresh scent!

10. Rearrange your furniture and clear out bulky items. Each room must have a purpose. Think creatively versus what you are accustomed to. Creating a focal point in each room can help you decide what to keep and what to remove. Make sure that Buyers have enough room to walk your home. Expect a few people to arrive at a showing, such as: Buyers, their Broker, possibly a Buyer’s parents or their children. I provide shoe covers to keep your home clean!


* Additional Tip: Put yourself in a Buyer’s shoes. Would you want to purchase your home? Take one room at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. I will help you stage your home and make suggestions to improve the impressions that Buyers may have at showings!!


Contact Me Directly at 708-217-7092 ~ Cindy Maka / Pure Properties

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