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By: Cindy Maka / Pure Properties


Let's Start form the Outside...
- Once it is warmer outside, Make sure your grass is mowed and green. Fertilize when the time is right!
- Depending on the weather, start planting flowers and add color to your exterior for great curb appeal!
- Trim bushes / hedges, pull any weeds, and replace dead plants.
- Take a look around your house and notice if anything needs to be painted or fixed. Since our winter was mild, hopefully weather did not play a negative factor.
- Make sure your doorbell is working!
- Have a pleasant entryway. Remember first impressions mean a lot! Add a flowerpot or colorful Welcome mat to give an inviting feeling.
- Clean out gutters and make sure your roof is not missing any shingles.
- Check your windows for any cracks and see if any wood frames are rotting.
- Open your windows on a nice day to air out your house!


Let's Go Inside...
- Make sure your foyer / entry way is free of clutter and welcoming.
- If you notice anything that is in need of repair -- repair it or hire someone to do it!!
- Clean your vents and return air registers; dust accumulates here!
- Take time for a thorough, deep Spring Cleaning -- or hire someone to do this!
- Clean your house and vacuum on a weekly basis to maintain the cleanliness.
- Make sure floors and carpeting are in very good condition; if carpeting is stained or dirty, have it cleaned!
- If you have a unique or bold color in a room, you may want to have it painted a neutral, light gray or taupe.
- Declutter as much as possible, especially if you are not taking these things to your next home - but leave some items for decor and pops color!
- In case of rainy Spring weather, I provide a basket of shoe covers for Buyers and Agents to use to keep your home clean!


The Heart of your Home: Your Kitchen...
- Clear off your fridge of any magnets, kid's work, schedules, etc
- Clean off your counters, except for daily used items.
- Make sure counters are always cleaned, dishes are washed and put away, and your stove top and oven is clean; f not, scrub scrub scrub!


Looking at Bedrooms & Closets...
- Get fresh bedding and accent pillows for a crisp look! Don't forget to add some color to neutrals!
- If draperies are old and worn, replace them with something airy and light!
- If you have blinds, make sure they are in working condition!
- Make sure closets are organized and neat...a color coded wardrobe would be perfect!
- Clean any ceiling fans and light fixtures; dust gets there, too!


Sparkly Clean Bathrooms...
- Clean out your bathroom and hide any makeup or morning / bedtime routine items, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shavers, lotions, etc.
- Counters are supposed to be cleared, except for possibly hand-soap and a small towel. Add some decor, like a candle, to make it look pretty.
- Fix any issues with bathtubs and showers, such as caulking.
- Replace shower curtains and liners for a fresh feel!
- Buy new decorative towels to hang.


The Garage Also Counts...
- Try to organize your Garage as best as possible!
- Make sure your Garage is not packed and there is room for your car(s)!
- If you have too many tools, get a small storage container to hide these items.
- Try not to have kid's items overwhelm your is supposed to be for your automobiles!

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Tips for Sellers ...and Buyers to Pay Attention to When Out Looking!

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